Park Ridge introduces deluxe townhouses and villas, each birthed from uniquely striking facades, thoughtful layouts and plush interiors at amazing rates. With its vibrant location, easy access to the most vibrant parts of Accra, and its premium amenities, Park Ridge reassures a comfortable lifestyle-oriented gated community, the likes of which Accra has never seen.

Park Ridge focuses on creating enchanting experiences that blend finesse with authenticity, community connection and modern lifestyle patterns for you and your family.

From the development’s concept to its execution ideals, it aims to ensure that residents know no living compromise.


  • No. of Floors: 3
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Staff Quarters: 1
  • Total Area: 373m2
  • Car parking: 3

Avalon Type 1/2

  • No. of Floors: 3
  • Bedrooms: 4/4
  • Bathrooms: 4/4
  • Staff Quarters: 1
  • Total Area: 258m2/286m2
  • Car parking: 2

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