Work scope

  • Brand Vision and Mission
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Exploration and Concept
  • Brand Guidelines & Standards
  • Core Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Storytelling
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Social Media
  • Ideation
  • Advertising Direction
  • Email Marketing
  • Campaign Development
  • Video Concept & Direction
  • Brand Audit
  • Website Audit
  • Team and Culture Building
  • Guidelines & Standards
  • Team Network Building
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Client Relationship Management

Marketing Accra’s Premium Landmark

Eunice Adjei-Bonsu, CEO Cape May Properties LTD


I reached out to Ana because a friend had recommended her services and I was actually interested in a sales agent who would sell our properties to their clients for commissions. But she came in and she mentioned that she could do more than just being a sales agent. After conversations with her on a few marketing ideas, I noticed that as much as my team was doing great in terms of sales I also realized that the company needed a strong marketing guru in the real estate industry who could advise me from the outside to give their perspective of the company and she joined the team. Our problem was we were stuck with moving forward with our marketing ideas.

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A Hallmark of African Excellence

The Achievement

Eunice Adjei-Bonsu, CEO Cape May Properties LTD

What was different about Ana’s service?
Ana’s service is unique because she listens, learns and pays attention to the client before she recommends, she always has her stands and is not scared to speak her mind when I as a client is pushing for an idea which might not be so ideal. She speaks her mind and her ideas have been very good. She also believes in the brand you are working with and she speaks and stands for the brand like she a part of the company.

What was the moment when you realised how Ana’s service was actually working to solve your problem?
The very first day she came in, she shared a few things with me in regards to my brand which I didn’t know was not working, after discussions, she came up with other ideas, examples are informing people about our office location, the site location, making our sales team believe in what they are selling. She built confidence in the team, following up on clients, getting clients data ie birthdays to send in gifts or thank yous, showing appreciation to our clients when they have made a purchase, sharing updates of the project. It actually started working, more people noticed where the signature site was located, where our office was located we had more walk-ins.

How do life and work look like now that your problem is solved?
Life and work look very positive. The team have bonded with me as a C.E.O. we work more together as a team, we share ideas as a team and it’s working quite well. The Signature has been noticed by more people, the brand awareness which Ana created has worked.